As an amateur history buff, one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to share some of my favorite historical documentaries.  These are all documentaries that have taught me a lot about different people or times and helped me form a more educated opinion.

“Tribulation first makes you realize who you are” -Marie Antoinette

One of my favorite historical figures has always been Marie Antoinette.  Her legacy today is one of a careless woman who helped put France in the poor house, but it’s not that simple. There’s not even any evidence for her really having said: “Let them eat cake” and the circumstances in her life were very complicated.

I really feel for how she was sent to France at just 15 and expected to make the Franco-Austrian alliance work.  Before that, she had been sheltered and I think she took the circumstances and move as well as any 15yr old could have.  Her spending must have been an outlet for her circumstances and, living in Versailles, she would have had no idea of the extreme poverty most Frenchmen lived in.

marie-antoinette-and-the-affair-of-the-diamond-necklaceI love this documentary because it shows all of Marie’s life and how in her darkest hours she ended up becoming a strong leader.  It’s tragic that when she did, it was at the wrong time when arguably France just needed a monarch who would be willing to accept a constitutional monarchy, but it’s still impressive.  To me, Marie embodies the fact that when the chips are down, no matter what your background is, you can apply yourself and fight for what you believe in.  And if need be, you can hold your head high and accept your fate with dignity.

So if you have time and are interested in learning more about Marie Antoinette check this one out!

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